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Laser Photoplotting

Northeast Plotting Inc. is a proud leader in PCB Design, Plotting , and Fabrication. Serving New Hampshire since 1984.

All plots include free steeping, mirroring, and merging!

NPI provides a premier Photoplotting service for the electronic industry. Supporting a number of CAD formats. NPI offers a reliable, quick turn (24 hour) plotting service, producing high quality photo tools on silver halide film at competitive prices.

File Format

There are many different CAD formats that have evolved over time, some are better suited to PCB production than others. The issue is which format is the CAD file in and can it be converted to one that is compatible with laser plotting. NPI uses Gerber or Gerber extended formats as standard for Photoplotting. Other formats may be converted to standard Gerber for Photoplotting.

Film Sizes

We offer many different film sizes from 10x13 inches to 32x36 inches for cost effective plotting.

When to use a Camera

  • For quick reductions or enlargements of hand layouts used in the printed circuit board industry.

  • To accurately reproduce negative or positive images of printed circuits art works.

  • To reverse emulsions of existing originals for the fabrication process.

  • To improve the quality of poor artworks through touch-ups.

  • To transfer images from film to a more stable glass base material for imaging large production runs.

  • For extra cost-effective copies for assembly and inspection requirements.


The quality of an art work must be in good to fair condition before camera or contact copies are made. If an art work is poor to begin with then most likely the camera or contact copies will be beyond repair and other methods such as scanning may be required.

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